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Sneak into the NASA Space Walk with a Go-Pro

NASA has been doing some amazing things recently from sending curiosity rover to Mars ,to a unique study involving Identical twin astronauts, NASA scientists are always up for a adventure in space.

NASA thought it would be really cost effective to strap a pair of Go-Pro’s on their astronauts.In the recent,spacewalk conducted this earlier this year on the International Space Station (ISS), NASA strapped Go Pro cameras to the suits of Barry  Butch Wilmore and Terry Virts.

The footage is actually form the space station gives us a feeling of being in there.Although the video is one hour long its signifies “How it feels to be actually up there??”

The spacewalk was aimed at the re-configuration of ISS for the arrival of future commercial crew and cargo vehicles, as well as to conduct other maintenance measures.


This video was shot by wilmore and terry with a go pro strapped on their GO-Pro’s for the time concerns there is brief outline of the video and there is a full length video which is one hour long

Watch it and enjoy the feeling of being in space

NASA’s GoPro Footage

Here you can see the actual footage of space station

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