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Spray Your Desired Clothes on Your Body -Spray -on Clothes

Spray on Clothes

With the advancement of technology ,new technology is being developed day by day .

Apart from this we have our clothing industry increasing day by day,Clothing industry is one which requires up to date fashion accessories as well as innovation.

spray cloths

A Uk based company known as Fabrican patented a new technology that revolutionized the clothing industry,well the technology isn’t new but its in development phase. The Technology is named as “Spray On Clothing”.

What are Spray -On Clothes ??

The technology was developed by imperial college london moving to the details for making of clothes,The fabric is formed by the cross-linking of fibres, which adhere to one another,o create an instant non-woven fabric that can be easily sprayed on to any surface.
Its properties can be tailored to meet the needs of each user.

You can check out various products of Fabrican Here

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