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How to Enable Whatsapp Calling Officially ??

How to Enable Whatsapp Calling Feature Without Root ??

Popular Messaging platform has started rolling out its revolutionary voice calling feature for beta Testers,but an front end user like you can also get this calling feature by following simple tutorial..whatsapp-free-voice-call-


This only works for the latest version of whatspp …follow the simple tutorial


  • As this feature only works for latest version of whatsapp we need to update your whatsapp from OFFICIAL whatsapp page .You can download Official whatsapp version from this link Whatsapp.apk
  • Find a Friend who already has whatsapp calling feature and tell him to call you .

After Doing the above two steps,You will see that your whatsapp homescreen has changed like shown in this below image



You can now call anyone in your contacts and start enjoying calling …..the above tutorial works for both rooted and non rooted devices

Second Method

For Rooted Devices to enable Whatsapp voice calling, you need two things. First, obviously WhatsApp. Just make sure it is the latest version.

Secondly, ES File Explorer File Manager which is an all-in-one file explorer for Android.

If you have already installed this application, go ahead. Open up ES File Explorer File Manager and enable “Root Explorer”. To do so, just swipe from left to right, expand “Tools”, scroll down and tap on Root Explorer’s ON/OFF button.



Navigate to the following Folder

Device > data > data >com.whatsapp > shared_prefs

Open com.whatsapp_preferences.xml file using ES File Explorer



Open the tab menu and click on Edit

Go to the bottom and you can find the </map> tag in the last line. Just add the following lines before the </map> tag.

<boolean name="call" value="true"/>
<string name="call_allowed">all</string>

Now, save your changes. To save, you can tap on back button and the save window will appear automatically. After that, open your stock Settings app, open Apps section and tap on “FORCE STOP” button to stop WhatsApp.

Then, open WhatsApp again. If everything is successfully done, you will get the new tab on your screen along with Chats and Contacts.

Enjoy WhatsApp calling Folks

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