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How to Improve Battery Life in Android (App)

Root Booster

The Google Play store knows many apps that claim to save battery and increase your device’s performance using all kinds of exorbitant techniques. To help itself stand-out from the pack, Root Booster uses special settings to achieve its results.

These settings can be easily applied with preset modes, depending on whether you’re after a speed boost, improve battery life or give a stability boost. The appropriate settings are then applied to main device components – CPU, RAM and the Android OS.

improve battery life


Root Booster can decide which CPU governor you should use, and automatically apply the most suitable one for the selected mode. A governor is a driver for the regulation of CPU frequency, deciding how fast and when the CPU will achieve maximum or minimum CPU frequency.which results in efficient improving battery life.

improve battery life


Setting the right governor makes your device more power-efficient, faster, and stable.Moreover, Root Booster can change the virtual memory heap size so each application uses the appropriate amount of VM heap for its data and work requirements.

improve battery life

The main reason to change VM heap size is stability improvement. Bigger applications need bigger amounts of heap memory to work. Root Booster will test your RAM and setup your VM heap size for better stability and performance.Finally, each Android application can have one or multiple services running in background, performing some kind of task.improve battery life

Some of them remain on even after the user turns an app off, which could cause noticeable battery drain and system resource loss. Root booster scans your services and disables the most battery draining and demanding ones to optimize your system.The app is free and can be downloaded on rooted devices from Google Play.

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