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How to install Android apps in Chrome -Google Arc Welder

After Facebook introducing Whatsapp Web,Google thought of bringing their android experience to Desktop users

Google Launched ARC welder chrome app,which allows desktop user to run native android apps on their Pc’s. ARC(APP RUN TIME FOR CHROME) its in Beta stage stage you’ll be experiencing some bugs lately.Just say you want to install apps from Playstore. No,that is not possible.

ARC Welder


You’ll Need an Android Application Package (APK) or an android application file stores in a zip file.In order to run apk’s you have to first download apk’s from any of the repositories on the internet like apkmania.Once downloaded you can load them in the ARC Welder and if it runs you can test it out.

ARC Welder Installation


1.Your Apk Zip file.

2.PC, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook on Chrome Version 41+.

3.ARC Welder

So what i do now??

Installation of ARC Weldesr

Click on this link ARC Welder you will be taken to google extension store which looks like below image

ARC Welder


Click the add to chrome button to get started if it asks to sign in. Sign in with our gmail id. click add to chrome button. it will be added to chrome

Once it is added open up your chrome apps tab

ARC Welder

When you run it you have to select a directory for the apk to be written to Click “Choose” and then either select an existing location or create a new one.

ARC Welder

Next load your apk

ARC Welder

Click on add apk and browse the apk then click on Launch app. If everything is alright apk should be working fine.

But chances are every app doesn’t run so well.we tried out Facebook,Instagram and Google play which didn’t get loaded but Twitter worked just fine.

This tool will be an added advantage for the developer community and people who want to test their android apps.

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