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How to Install Windows 10 Technical Preview

Recently,Windows has released its new operating system windows 10 .But the update hasn’t been received yet for majority of the people.As promised windows has released both 64 as well as 32 bit versions of the previews of windows 10.The operating system is available in US,UK English and chinese as well for the time being.Follow the instructions carefully for downloading as well as installing Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Windows 10


Whenever,we hear about any beta product or technical preview we should always know that the final product is not yet released its in testing phase.so there might be chances of failure of the software (although there are remote chances ).we should be well prepared for anything.Follow the steps for a successful  installation of windows 10 technical preview.

Backup Everything

When i say to backup every thing yes i meant every thing in your hard drive,ideally you should have a separate hard drive or partition to install Windows 10 technical preview.You cannot revert from windows 10 technical preview to windows 7 or 8.1.If you think you have done something wrong you have to start from scratch so better be careful while doing anything

windows 10


Download Windows 10 Technical Preview

To start things Just head over to preview.windows.com and join the windows insider program.This is simple when you have a microsoft account ,if you don’t have one create a new account and sign up for windows insider program.

Decide the appropriate installation file for your system. For system with lesser memory you can use 32 bit version of the preview if you have more memory(RAM) you can install 64 bit without any hiccups . After you sign up for insider program you will receive your license key note it down.Otherwise you can use the company product key listed in the download section of the page.

Click here to Download Windows 10 Technical preview

Installing Windows 10 Technical preview

On successful download,you will get an iso file from the above link.Now you are wondering like “What do i do with this Iso??”. Keep calm and do as i say.You have the Iso in your hands now you need to have a right tool to make the iso bootable so that you can install Windows 10. For that you need to download one more file known as Windows 7 USB/DVD Download Tool

This tool helps us to burn our ISO to a DVD or a USB .choose one which comforts you either USB or DVD.

windows 10 usb tool

Install it Follow the instructions and burn the ISO to a USB or DVD.

If you want to install a Fresh version of Windows 10 without having old windows files ,restart your computer plug in your USB/DVD which you have previously burned with ISO. Get into the Boot menu of your device. Click on Boot from DVD/USB ,hang in there for a minute and the below screen should appear

Windows 10

If you press next you will be taken to the screen where it asks you input your product key.                                         Enter your product/License key there and click on next to install as an upgrade or a custom new installation ,choose one which is apt for you and complete the installation.

windows 10

Bravo!! you have successfully installed windows 10 technical preview in your system.. 🙂

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