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How to Save Battery Life in Android ??-Tips for Saving Battery Life

Its no wonder that the biggest problem of any android user is the charge of his device. Any android user would do anything to save their charging even for a 1% .In the recent times most of the android users try different apps to save their battery life but those apps take up large amount of charge from the device.

Here is the guide to save battery life to the maximum

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Battery Saving Tips for Android

1.Choose a Better Background for your Screen

No wonder your display takes maximum charge out of your device.Choose a better background a dark one really helps you in saving most of the battery life saving your battery life so that you can lower your brightness level.

2.Get Rid of the Auto Brightness

Its a hack for saving for battery life in android.Auto brightness takes up most of the juice in your device disabling it can really help  saving your battery a lot. Disable auto brightness to save your charge.

3.Make your apps Darker and smarter

Different apps choose different brightness level.using darker themes in your apps can really save your battery life.Disable any auto updates for your mobile set manual updates only in google playstore to avoid playstore checking all the time for any updates.

4.Disable Vibrate Mode

Vibration takes most of the juice from the device because it takes a lot of power to kick the motors in the device.so avoid vibration mode to save your battery.

5.Time Out!!!

Making your screen wake up for a long time really effect your battery.Avoid keeping your device alive ,turn on display whenever it is really necessary.Set your display time out time to minimum.

6.Get rid of Unnecessary Radio’s

Many of us don’t realise that our phone radio’s like GPS,Bluetooth,WIFI take up very huge amount of charge.Avoid turning your radio’s frequently.Switch of Location services in your device

7.Use Your Phone Battery Saving Mode

Make use of your default battery saving mode ,don’t use any third party apps to set your battery saving mode as it can drain your battery more.Default battery management works fine some devices so better choose it.

8.Turn off Background Notifications!!

Your phone does many things in background while your not using and also when using it.Background notifications keep up apps in your device running as a result it can take large amount of juice from your device.

9.Uninstall Unecessary Apps

Unnecessary bloat ware can cause much harm to your device than good.Uninstall any bloatware that resides in your mobile which can improve your battery life to large extent.Don’t install apps that say they will save your battery life they just don’t do .Iam not saying that every app in the market doesn’t save your battery ,but most of the apps can actually cause harm than good.

10.Maintain Good Amount of Battery Life

Its always better to keep your battery charged to a optimal level.Always maintain 30% charge in your device.Most of the users think that they should charge their device from 0% ,it is true for newly bought phones.The battery in your phone has limited number of charge cycles so charging the phone from 0% to 100% reduces number of charge cycles for your battery. Maintain a good amount of charge in your battery for prolonged life time of your phone.

If your Phone is rooted then there are certain apps like Greenify and Hibernation Manger in the market which can save you some time and battery.

For extended battery backup keep a good power bank with you.

Check out this link for best Budget Power Banks

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