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How to Save Money While Buying Online ??

India is huge market for online shopping but when it comes to companies trick you into buying unwanted stuff with a high price .Here are the some tips when you buy any product online

Usually we dont realise that the product we are buying is available in different stores with less cost .Once we know it you can start your saving Today!!!!

Here are steps to save money online while buying any product


  1. Install a plugin called BUYHATKE from chrome extension store from here BUYHATKE
  2. Go to your product buying site any site doesn’t matter.
  3. Once you have navigated to your product page you will notice a change at the top

save money

 You can compare the same product on different sites and save huge money ,buyhatke also got some price graph option to help you analyze the product and much more…..

Check out the Mozilla plug in Buyhatke


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