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Free Food From Food Panda Wanna Try ??-Food Panda Hacked

Food Panda Hacked By  IIT Hyderabad Students Using a Bug

Who doesn’t like free food. Of course everyone does..

Yes you heard it right food panda has been compromised to give us free food.

So what’s the big deal about Food Panda ??

Here is the Tale of IITH students who managed to get 6 Lakhs worth of free food from Food Panda.

Food Panda Checkout System Bug

food panda

Food Panda is an Online Delivery store which delivers food from reputed restaurants across the country.

It was a normal day for all, some of the students from IIT Hyderabad have decided to order lunch from food panda.

so they selected their restaurant and food of their choice.

For the payment they choose PayU money as it gives discount and coupons.

Upon arriving at the payment page they didn’t make a payment or refreshed the page.

To there amusement they received a message saying your order has been placed successfully.

They were surprised by this strange behaviour of Food Panda Check out system. Soon they reliased that this was a Bug in the system.

The news was spread across the hostels of IITH like a Strom, Everyone from the campus was ordering free food.

But,Wait Didn’t the company don’t know this yet??, Yes it does, within minutes of this bug was revealed they were getting Huge Traffic from their chrome extension.

Immediately,Food Panda removed Hyderabad from their list and soon was able to review the bug,but it was too late as they already ordered food worth 6Lakhs.

Want to check out the bug yourself jump into Free Food !!

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