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Google Adds Find My Phone Feature For Android Users

Its the worst feeling when your phone is lost or you have misplaced it somewhere ,well there are tons of apps for finding your lost phone.

Google recently added a new feature for android user for finding their lost phone or misplaced phone

What is Google Find My Phone Feature??

Google is making it easier to find  your lost phone by integrating a service in your chrome .so what do i need to find my phone ??

Well,you don’t have to do anything but type in “Find My Phone” in google chrome Or just search Find My Phone in Google searchfind my phone


For this feature to work you have to sign in with your Email Id that is associated with your device.

There aren’t much features added to this service than ring my phone and location.For More features like Wipe my Phone and advanced features you will need “Android Device Manager”

Try Out this amazing feature Yourself Google it

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